Beginner Programs

4 & 5 years

Our Beginner Gymnastics classes teach the ABC’s of physical literacy; Agility, Balance, Coordination & Speed. As a result, little ones learn to move with confidence and with control in a wide range of active situations. Children can enter our Beginner Programs without any previous gymnastics experience or continue from our Parent & Me or Look @ Me I’m 3 classes.

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(4 & 5 years)

Developing the ABC’s of physical literacy; Agility, Balance, Coordination & Speed while learning to listen, following direction and participate in a group environment. Little ones are encouraged to explore their own environment and engage in structured play. 55 min. class

8 weeks12 weeks8 weeks12 weeks
(4 & 5 years)

Six foundational gymnastics elements are incorporated into each daily lesson plan; these include landings, locomotion, rotations, statics, springs and swings. Fitness develops through increased conditioning and flexibility training.  SuperGirls train 120min. two times per week up to 36-weeks per year. Tuition: $201.86 monthly

The SuperGirls program is by invitation only.

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