We have made some awesome changes to our Recreational Level System and certificates.

Below is detailed information for understanding the Girls Gymnastics, Boys Gymnastics, Sr. Girls Gymnastics and GymMax certificates.

Each child has a designated level on each event (Vault, Bars, Beam & Floor). Each event has 4 skills that athletes have been practicing over the course of the session.

On the certificate, there are the letters “M” and “L” below each event, and the corresponding level for that event is indicated below the letter.

A letter “M” under an event, indicates that the child has “Mastered” every skill on that event. If they have Mastered 3 skills or below, they are “Learning” the event and will receive an “L”.

Mastered: The athlete has mastered all skills on the event, and will move on to the next level

Learning: The athlete is learning the skills on the event, and will continue to practice that level in their next enrolment